Life at micro scale:

  • Bacterial chemotaxis: chemotactic cell sorting, design of cell sorters (highly applicable to other chemotactic cells such as spermatozoa)


  • Bacterial turbulence: collective dynamics, understanding of bacterial interaction and vortical structures
  • Bacterial biofilms: biofilm response to local fluid flow changes, antibiotic susceptibility, control and eradicating





  • Microtechnology: microfabrication, design and development of novel devices and platforms. Particular attention to design of new microfluidic gradient generators (highly stable in controlling different chemicals) to study transport phenomena at micro scale under well controlled environment conditions.
  • Low Reynolds number hydrodynamics.



Fluid Mechanics:

  • Fundamental perspectives in Fluid mechanics: unsteady hydrodynamics, vortex formation (both experimental and computational techniques).
  • Biofluidics: flow recirculation, physiologically relevant fluid flows
  • Industrial flows: flow simulation in complex geometries and optimization, thermal and cogeneration systems